7 Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners: Steps To Be Success

7 Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners: Steps To Be Success

With the evolution of the internet, online businesses have changed the definition of the business world. Companies interact with a large number of audiences with the help of digital marketing solutions. By doing this, they can attract more customers towards their products or services over the internet.

Affiliate marketing is a concept of digital marketing in which an affiliate promotes products via their websites, blogs, or social media communities. In this, the affiliate gets paid in the form of commission per sale made through his affiliate link. Affiliate marketing is getting popular among beginner entrepreneurs who want to establish their business with a little investment. Here the question arises how to get started with affiliate marketing and succeed in the same? Affiliate marketing runs on a variety of affiliate programs that allow you to generate and manage affiliate links. You can choose from a large number of affiliate programs specially developed for beginner affiliates.

Following are some of the best affiliate programs for beginners:

  1. Amazon Associates:

Amazon associates are the easiest way to getting started with affiliate marketing. It is a large marketplace that deals with more than 2 million sellers. You can choose from millions of products associated with different merchants. As Amazon is a trusted brand, you easily sell its products on your website or blog. It may pay only a 10% commission per sale, but it is ideal for beginner affiliates. Also, it facilitates its affiliates with a cookie duration of 24 hours. You can join amazon associates for free and earn a commission by promoting its products. Along with affiliate links, amazon associates provide various banners, images, videos, etc., for product promotion.

  1. eBay Affiliates:

eBay holds the pride of being the biggest online platform with annual merchandise of $23.6 billion. It is an international market that deals with 13 countries and 175 million buyers worldwide. You can choose from 1.1 billion products to promote and earn a commission for every sale. However, like amazon associates, eBay offers only a 5% commission per sale made through your affiliate link. It may be offering you less commission as compared to other programs, though it a great option for beginner affiliates. You can easily register yourself as an affiliate from the eBay affiliate partner network without any investment. Similar to Amazon, eBay is a trusted brand and you can sell its products with ease.

  1. Fiverr:

Fiverr is one of the highest paying affiliate programs with a cookie duration of 365 days. Instead of selling products, it deals with services and pays the commission for every sale. You can choose from services related to online courses, content writing, and a lot more. Fiverr offers a commission of $150 per sale on Fiverr pro, $50 per Fiverr services, 30% per Fiverr online course, and 30% for And Co. It is free and easy to use an affiliate program for beginners. All you need to do is to sign up in Fiverr and promote services for the consideration of commission.

  1. Clickbank:

Clickbank is another popular affiliate program ideal for beginner affiliates. It deals with digital products and pays a commission of up to 75% per sale made via your link. You can choose from products associated with more than 200 million sellers and earn a commission. Also, the ClickBank sign-up process is much easier as compared to other affiliate programs. You only have to register yourself using a Gmail account, generate affiliate links, and promote them for getting a commission. Clickbank facilitates its users with 60 days cookie duration and the payment term varies from 30 to 60 days.

  1. Commission Junction Affiliate:

Commission Junction Affiliate or CJ affiliate, is one of the oldest affiliate programs. CJ affiliate deals with a variety of products associated with different industries. It means you can choose from various products according to your interest and type of audience. These affiliate programs have tie-ups with most of the reputed brands. You can promote any of them and earn up to 30% commission per sale. CJ affiliate is an easy-to-use platform with a user-friendly interface. One this that makes it unique from other affiliate programs is it allows you to access affiliate customer insights for improving productivity.

  1. ShareASale:

With more than 4000 merchants, ShareASale is amongst the largest affiliate programs available online. It is ideal for beginners as you can easily register yourself and earn a commission by referring to products. Unlike other affiliate programs, ShareASale offers you commission in four ways. You can opt for Earnings per click, reversal rates, average sale amount, or average commission for each affiliate product. However, you can only earn a commission of up to 8% per sale. ShareASale features a cookie duration of 30 to 160 days along with a payment term of net 90. It credits your commission every month if your balance is above $50.

  1. Awin:

Most of the individuals never heard about Awin, but it is a parent company that supports ShareASale. Awin deals with more than 8000 merchants and millions of products to choose from. Similar to ShareASale, it is an easy-to-use affiliate program with a user-friendly interface. Awin is a great option for you if your blog engages international audiences. It serves 15500 advertisers with affiliate links, banners, videos, etc. You can earn up to 8% commission per sale made via your affiliate link. Awin may offer less commission as compared to other programs, but it is a great platform if you want to get hands-on affiliate marketing.


Since blogging became a profession, it is attracting beginner entrepreneurs towards affiliate marketing. They can earn a recurring income by referring affiliate products on their website or blog. Meanwhile, you need to join an affiliate program to get started. There is a variety of affiliate programs for beginners available online. These programs are easy to use and allow you to register yourself without any hindrance. You can choose from millions of products associated with different merchants and promote them for the consideration of commission. It is a recurring source of income, which means you will earn a commission on every sale made via your referral. All you need is a traffic driven website, blog, or a social media community with a large number of audiences. Here, Eneeds provides you the best assistance for affiliate marketing. Just follow the process and learn.

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