Amazing Features Of The Brand New Apple iPhone 13 Pro Series

Amazing Features Of The Brand New Apple iPhone 13 Pro Series

The most expected Apple iPhone is set to launch and you can preorder the amazing new Apple iPhone 13 series on September 17 later that day and this new iPhone 13 Pro will be available for everyone to buy on September 24. And it has also released the official pricing of the latest iPhone and you can start saving your surplus money to buy your most wanted iPhone 13 pro and this iPhone 13 comes in three variants first one is Apple iPhone 13 Mini, the second one is Apple iPhone 13 Pro and the final top-end model is Apple iPhone pro max.

What is the cost and specifications of the iPhone 13 series

Price and storage

Apple Iphone 13 Mini is launched with a motive to make the legendary apple available to everyone and its price is about Rs.69,990/- only, compared to the previous iPhone models this is cheaper and we all know last year the predecessor of iPhone 13 was launched and its sales were beyond expectations.

You can buy the Apple iPhone 13 series on Apple India Online Store and at the same time, Apple iPhone 12 series will also be available with the latest generation update and you can also buy the iPhone SE and iPhone 11 series phones from the online apple store. The second variant of the iPhone 13 Mini comes with 256GB storage and is priced at Rs 79,900/- and at the same time the top model iPhone 13 Mini which has 512GB storage space costs around Rs.99,900/-.

The second model of the Apple iPhone 13 series is the pro model and you can get a 128 Gb storage variant for Rs 1,19,900, the second variant which has 256GB costs around Rs 1,29,900 and the top end device which comes with 512GB storage is available at Rs 1,49,900. Along with this, they have introduced the top tech model which comes with 1TB storage and it costs around Rs 1,69,900.

The Final model biggest of the iPhone Pro 13 series is the Pro Max model, the 1st version cost around Rs 1,29,900 for the 128GB variant, for the second version it cost about Rs 1,39,900 for the 256GB variant,  for the 512 GB valiant the price it for Rs 1,59,900 and the 1TB variant the cost is 1,79,900.

Colour and exchange option

Apple iPhone 13 Mini is available in Pink, Midnight, Blue, Red and starlight colours and you can get up to Rs.9000/- for exchanging your old iPhone or other smartphone and this value is for both Apple iPhone and android phone.

The colours that are available for Apple iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone prom Max are available in the new Sierra Blue and the all known Silver, Graphite and Gold. You will get an exchange value of about Rs 9,000 to Rs 46,120, you can trade it for an old as well as a new model.


  • Apple iphone 13 pro and pro max comes with a 120Hz ProMotion OLED display and the iphone 13 mini comes with 60Hz OLED display.
  • Storage has been doubled compared to the previous model.
  • notch area is reduced up to 20%.
  • It can also support 5G.
  • Increased batteries and improved battery life.
  • Cameras were developed with movie Mode, faster Night Mode etc.

The iPhone 13 series box has USB Type-C which can be converted to Lightning cable for faster charging and speedy wire data transfer. In the box it also consists of phone details and records, the iphone and a whilte apple symbol sticker. As stated there is no power adapter in the box and they also claim that it has reduced pollution. Apple’s expert team says that old users are having their old adapter which can be used and for new users they will create adapters so the pollution created on production of adapters will decrease and the need for new chargers will be reduced in the future.