Can Your Smart Home Security Be Hacked?

Can Your Smart Home Security Be Hacked?

We have read millions of articles and watched videos about how home security is hacked. If you have already installed one in your home, you might have gotten nightmare after hearing a recent incident. The nightmare that someone is at your door with their laptop and they have successfully hacked into your system just before the alarm went off is actually horrifying. But if we were to think rationally, burglars would not want to try this method. Firstly, they would wear a hood and keep their face hidden and try to sneak in by breaking a window or a door because that is faster. Hacking a security system also requires huge IT skills and not everyone has acquired those, and it also carries the risk to be identified if the person is not highly trained in his computer skills.  Unless you are a very important person, the burglars will not put much effort of hacking into the system. Internet of things no doubt makes you vulnerable but rationally speaking the danger is only for very prominent personalities. If unfortunately, your camera system is hacked by some specific cyber-crime organisation then things may become tense because they will know about your valuables at home, your location, if you are home or not and if the audio is also hacked then you lose your privacy and one hundred percent. But these situations are few and far between. Routers and printers are known to be the most vulnerable. So, the answers is yes, you smart home can be hacked but it is very unlikely and if you follow a some necessary steps then the chances of being hacked and robbed are greatly reduced. According to Fortune Business Insights™, the global security solutions market size was USD 249.65 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 483.62 billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 8.84% during the forecast period. Considering the risks, you might have a doubt about upgrading your house because you would have spent so much for nothing. But your plans of wanting a smart home should not be diminished because there are many ways around these issues.

Signing up with a reliable company

First and foremost, to decrease the chances of being hacked you should update your firmware. If you are not able to do this yourself, you should ask someone from the company you have registered at. There is a step-by-step instruction on the internet to upgrade your firmware. Another thing to take care of is the password. Your password must not be compromised or insecure. A competent company will ask you to have a strong password with various characters and if they do not then you must ask them to. There should be a unique password for every device that you log in to. You can try using a password manager and if you do not prefer this then make sure you do not allow access to default log in and password to any device or gadget you use. A good company will take necessary caution and will communicate with you to explain in detail how everything is connected so that if there is any confusion later on you will be able to solve it yourself. When the team if over at your house to install the devices, you should always pay close attention and point out to them nooks and corners which are shady as you know your residence better than them. You should also make sure that your connected camera and microphone are extremely secure because sometimes cyber criminals only start with spying on you for a very long time to get to know your credentials. You should have a thorough discussion before signing a contract. provides services to upgrade your home to a smart home.

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