Digital Marketing In Ecommerce: 5 Ways To Increase Online Sales

Digital Marketing In Ecommerce: 5 Ways To Increase Online Sales

The digital marketplace is more crowded than ever, with many other eCommerce brands all fighting for a similar audience and market share as you’re. How are you able to stand out?

Some sales channels may get profits and others don’t, but the actual fact is you’ve got need to test and refine your marketing strategy to understand the thought of which channels are suitable and best for your brand.

That’s why our Digital Marketing Services Department come up with an outline of effective marketing tactics and eCommerce tools together with ideas to assist you to implement each approach.

Here are the list of 5 ways to increase your eCommerce traffic and sales in 2020.

Boost Product Visualization

Consumers have come to expect access to only about any quiet information at any time. Not only that, but they’ve become very visual. Using exceptional product visualization allows you to quickly and effortlessly show off your products so consumers can look at the main points without necessarily having to examine them.

Leverage tools that allow people to concentrate, spin your product for a 360° view, and add roll-over, pop-up info tools. If 3D technology is out there, use it to extend engagement and enhance the shopping experience.

Sell Products on Social Media

No, social media isn’t almost about late-night tweets and early morning motivational Instagram posts. Alongside your organic social strategy, you would like to make a powerful paid social ad strategy that’s getting to assist you sell your products on social platforms. Not every social network goes to be a fit your business.

Find out where your audience is and begin there. Content Management Systems (CMS) like Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, and WooCommerce allow you to simply integrate your products catalog with social channels.

 Optimize Your Store For Mobile

Smartphones have made life easier when people wish to shop for something. A survey by Statista, 44.7% folks eCommerce sales in 2019 happened on mobile, compared to 39.6% in 2018.

But it’s quite surprising to understand that while people are shopping on mobile, they’re not buying anything.

Well, whenever any user opens your store on the mobile, you’re giving them chances of shopping for products and convert users into customers. But what if your website doesn’t navigate users properly and not find your website mobile-friendly, then the users won’t choose your website.

Offer Live Chat Support

Before going further or purchasing any order, sometimes buyers won’t purchase your product as they have some doubts or questions they need to be clarified. Therefore, they leave your online store immediately. So now what if you clear their doubts without letting then close the windows and provides an answer right then and there?

Well, Live Chat Support allows you to try to that. Customers can have real-time chat with you regarding their queries or products, which reinforces their experience and enable them to seek out what they’re trying to find.

Encourage User-Generated Content (UGC)

Nothing sells a product better than a cheerful customer. UGC provides hands-on experience from past customers who live in and using your products. Fifty-four percent of consumers are more likely to trust a fellow consumer over your own marketing, according to Salesforce.

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