Flexiv Chinese AI 100m Meituanliaotechcrunch

Flexiv Chinese AI 100m Meituanliaotechcrunch

Flexiv AI, a Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) startup, has announced the completion of its 100 million RMB Series A financing. Meituan and Liaonuotai Capital, are two of China’s top AI companies. As well as other investors including Banyan Capital and ZhenFund, helped it raise the money. flexiv chinese ai series meituanliaotechcrunch will use Series A to launch its business and move closer to the creation of all-purpose full-stack artificial intelligence (AGI).


Meituan, one of China’s two biggest e-commerce companies, is the leader of a new round of funding known as the flexiv chinese 100m series meituanliaotechcrunch. The money will be put to use promoting and developing artificial intelligence technology.

The Problem

Chinese traditional internet companies are having a lot of problems. The entire business is undergoing a significant shift from the internet + era to the AI + age. As a result, several internet businesses are devising fresh tactics and solutions to deal with the issue. The most recent illustration is provided by the current collaboration between Flexiv Chinese and Meituan. They have started their fundraising series dubbed flexiv ai 100m meituanliaotechcrunch, flexiv chinese series meituanliaotechcrunch is aimed towards startups in the technology sector with annual revenues of at least 20 million RMB.

The Solution

Flexiv, a US start-up creating artificial intelligence (AI) technology for the e-commerce industry. It has received a $100 million investment from Chinese internet giant Meituan and its partner Liaotechnologies. A collaborative research institute for AI-related technologies will be erected in Shanghai thanks to the funds. The business claimed to have created an autonomous path-planning system that might improve warehouse scheduling and layout. Products are arranged by category and shelf space using deep learning algorithms so that shops may finish stocking shelves faster. To make more accurate product recommendations. Flexiv is now employing unsupervised machine learning to examine consumer behavior on websites like Amazon and eBay.

The Benefits

Large market potential – With more than 1.3 billion people and $6.5 trillion in consumer spending power. However, China is one of the largest markets in the world. Over 80% of people in the world have a mobile phone, and WeChat is used daily by close to 400 million people. The flexiv chinese ai meituanliaotechcrunch intends to give people who want to tap into China’s new economy’s potential a platform. The chinese series meituanliaotechcrunch will provide a big data analytic platform that offers businesses previously unattainable insights into consumer behavior, empowering them to improve their products and marketing strategies. Global corporations as well as regional enterprises in developing regions in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa will be significantly impacted by this.

The Details

A strategic cooperation between Meituan and Liaoning has been established to contribute RMB100 million in equity capital to Flexiv. So, as the first of its kind in China, the investment, which will be made through Meituan’s new mezzanine fund. Highlights the significance of artificial intelligence (AI) in fostering corporate innovation. To offer clients additional services, the two businesses will also look into prospects for collaboration across their respective platforms.


This blog post concludes that the flexiv chinese ai 100m meituanliaotechcrunch investment, which takes the form of chinese ai 100m meituanliaotechcrunch, will aid in the development of China’s artificial intelligence industry.

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