Google Photos Won’t Offer Free Uploads Starting June 1, 2021

Google Photos Won’t Offer Free Uploads Starting June 1, 2021

Google Photos ends up with its free unlimited storage benefits and starting charging for the space for storing your photos and videos take over the 15GB quota. From the next year, if you upload high-quality images or videos, then those are going to be counted toward your Google Drive storage limit.

Google Photos gained huge popularity among smartphone users, because of the free storage benefit is offered.

The remarkable 28 billion new photos and videos are uploaded to Photos weekly. To welcome even more of your memories and build Google Photos for the longer term, we are announcing a change to our storage policy, Google said during a tweet and added that starting June 1, 2021, new photos and videos uploaded in top quality will begin counting towards the user’s 15GB of Google Account storage

What is the present Google storage policy?

Google photos launched in 2015 and Currently, Google is offering the unlimited backup option for “high quality” photos and videos. However, the photographs are automatically compressed to 16MP and videos to high definition. There’s also an Express option, which provides free unlimited storage, but compresses photos by 3MP and videos to the plain definition.

Google Photos won’t offer free unlimited storage

Recently Google announced via a blog post, that it will stop providing free unlimited storage for high-quality photos and videos. Starting June 1, 2021, all the new media uploaded to Google Photos are going to be a neighborhood of the 15GB of free storage offered to each Google account user. This may be also applicable for any Google One subscription you’ve got subscribed to.

While Google has announced a surprising change for the users, it’s also announced some reliefs. Google has also suggested that the photos and videos backed before June 1, 2021, won’t come under the new rule and can remain free on the platform. Media stored in original quality also will remain free from the storage rule and can be as was commonly included within the 15GB of storage. Further, Pixel users will have a small advantage up here because the media they upload on Google Photos are going to be exempted from the new rule

What are your options?

If you continue to think you would like extra storage – you’ll get to pay. For those that use multiple devices – it is sensible to use Google Photos by paying extra storage using the Google One subscription plan. The plans start at Rs 130 per month or Rs 1,300 per annum and users will get 100GB of storage.

For 200GB, the worth is Rs 210 per month or Rs 2,100 once a year. For 2TB of storage, Google One charges Rs 650 per month or Rs 6,500 per annum. The worth of 10TB is Rs 3,250 per month.

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