How Can Businesses On The Gold Coast Easily Stand Out Among The Competition Online?

How Can Businesses On The Gold Coast Easily Stand Out Among The Competition Online?

The Gold Coast, famed for its gorgeous sandy beaches, world-renowned surfing spots, and all manner of inland canals and waterways is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. Spanning over 414.3 km2, it is also the 6th largest city in the country.

According to idcommunity, The Gold Coast is home to some 74,786 active and registered GST businesses. So, with that in mind, how can a small business owner fight to stand out among the competition online? Read on and we’ll share some handy tips…

1. Thorough market research: Know your audience & competitors and develop your brand

Before you can start formulating a plan to dominate online and in your local community you first need to carry out thorough market research; study your competitors and define your audience. All the data you collect can help you develop a winning and memorable brand – and identify the essentials for your long-term strategy.

2. Build a stunning website, get social, and claim your GMB profile

Next, if you want to dominate online you need to be online. This means having a stunning website built, being present on the appropriate social media platforms, and claiming your GMB profile (Google My Business).

  • Your website should be well-designed with clear and consistent branding. Invest in an agency who specialises in SEO on the Gold Coast and have them optimise your website with compelling sales copy, and put together a long-term digital marketing strategy for you.
  • Your socials must be clearly branded and synchronised with all the appropriate NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number, etc.) citations. Be active and create engaging, local-centric content to connect with your audience.
  • Your GMB profile should be filled out thoroughly, utilising every field of information and uploaded high-quality imagery and videos. If you want local users to search and find your business online easily, this is critical.

3. Grow your own database and market to them regularly

Growing an online database that you control directly is highly valuable and often woefully underrated.

For example:

  • Add a ‘lead magnet’ to your website, such as a FREE eBook that can be claimed in exchange for an email sign up. Let’s say that you own a boat and run a Deep Sea Fishing Charters company in the Gold Coast; sharing a detailed eBook with everything you need to know about Fishing off the Gold Coast, including tips for successfully reeling in various species of fish, could be a highly effective way of attracting people to sign up. Following that, you can send out a weekly Newsletter with updates on special deals, competitions, and who is currently in the lead for bagging the biggest sea beasts!

4. Join local directories

Submit your business info to all of the top local directories. Many of them are free and they give your customers more opportunity to find your details, and indeed leave you reviews. This is great for expanding your online awareness and contributing to your local SEO.

5. Be actively involved in your community

There is always plenty of opportunity for local business owners to take part in events, fundraisers, community outreach, and even volunteer. Being present and active in your community is an excellent way to spread your brand awareness and be featured in local press – thus positively influencing your local SEO.

6. Look for local partnership opportunities

While there are thousands and thousands of businesses in the Gold Coast, not all of them will be your competitors. As such, there’s a great opportunity for you to find strategy partnerships. For example:

  • Partner with a local seafood restaurant and put together group packages and tours (e.g., All day Deep Sea Fishing Charter followed by a slap up Seafood dinner and drinks).


Ultimately, the key to standing out in your local community and online is to invest in your local SEO. Hire the professionals to help you develop a winning strategy and then actively communicate and engage with your ideal audience.

If you combine the above in your local brand awareness development strategy, you’ll have no trouble at all finding your tribe and cutting through the noise.