How To Drive Leads Through Pinterest

How To Drive Leads Through Pinterest

When I spell the word social media, what comes to your mind? Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat! That’s it! But there are other platforms that have the potential of being called the foremost powerful social media platforms, one among which is Pinterest. A platform that has 270 million active users monthly won’t you call it a successful platform?

Small businesses and startups are using Pinterest for quite a while to proportion their business while the more prominent players are ignoring it. So, today during this article, we’ll provide detailed insights on how Pinterest can generate leads better than other social media platforms!

Here to some tips for generating leads from Pinterest

Create a board that users will want to get

Pinterest isn’t only for boards featuring hairstyles, outfits, food, or wedding inspiration. You’ll pin interesting posts about anything and everything. If your brand isn’t related to terms mentioned within the first sentence of this section, don’t worry. Show Pinterest users how they will put your products or services to an honest use and they’ll like it and Pinterest is all about being practical and offering useful tips and tricks to people.

Know Your Buyer Behavior

Just like with the other social media platform, Pinterest users accompany their own set of expectations and norms, so what works on LinkedIn or Twitter might not work on Pinterest and Assume that you have already created a buyer persona of your ideal customer, consider how your persona uniquely uses and navigates Pinterest. In many cases, Pinterest users are casually surfing for interesting content and concepts, so it’s paramount that you’re providing the type of content they’re browsing for.

Tighten Up Your Written Copy

Visual content dominates in Pinterest but before users click through to your website or offer, they’ll read the pin description copy also. If you only leave the default alt text from the image during this description space (or worse, if you allow it blank), you’ll be missing out on potential traffic and leads for your business.

Promotion and Contests

Creating engaging content is the need of the hour which too constantly. Evolve as many purchasers as you’ll. Through contests, you’ll sell your products at discounted prices to the winners. Promotions can evolve around seasonal discounts and sales. You’ll also offer a 200$ gift card. To participate in the contests, people must be required to either check in on your website or enter their email id. It’ll assist you to generate an email list a minimum of.

Tag influencers in pins

If you would like to attach with social media influencers on Pinterest you’ll do so by tagging them in your pins. This is often particularly useful if you’re still looking to determine a relationship or collaboration with an influencer. For instance, you’ll share their content or something associated with posts they typically pin. Don’t tag influencers to pin that isn’t associated with their content because it’s going to encounter spam.

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