How To Encrypt Your Video Conference Call?

How To Encrypt Your Video Conference Call?

As technology advances; the threats too. In today’s day and age, cybersecurity along with having secure video conferencing is an important topic. You must’ve noticed in movies and shows that tech-savvy characters hide their webcam to protect themselves from hackers, but we always think we have nothing of interest to hackers. According to some studies, a small business and average person is almost equally at risk of being victims of hackers.

Under the current scenario of the world, almost all our conversations happen over video conferences. It has been a great help and the video conferencing tools and software is a savior, but they also bring threats for not being a secure video conferencing.

Some major problems to have a secure conferencing would be –


Vulnerabilities in software and/or hardware can easily be exploited by malicious actors. They are constantly looking out for these flaws.

ID & Password

Many times, it is seen that uninvited people crash video conferences using the meeting ID when they are not password protected. It would be a minor inconvenience and just annoying unless some sensitive and confidential data is being shared and/or discussed upon.


Fake domains and links are on a new high since the majority started using video conferences. Around 2000 domain names were registered since the lockdown that looked like Zoom. Information and data can be stolen via these.

Fortunately, there are ways, precautions, and methods to save ourselves from such troublesomeness. Even though new technological advances brought a new threat; it provided us with various safety measures as well.

Some of the best security measures would be –

Being Up to Date

You have to check from time to time that the software is updated time to time as new security patches are added with the updates. Apart from that using old hardware could also pose a threat as they can get targeted. It is not advised to use hardware older than 5 years.

Using the Key

For a safe video conferencing experience; please see that both, hardware as well as software offers 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard protection. This Standard encrypted end to end video calls using 128-bit keys. The keys are generated automatically and are extremely hard to crack thanks to 128-bit keys.

Password Protection

Whenever you plan a video conference, make sure the meeting is password protected. It can be toggled from the settings. This would help protect the video calls from crashers and bombers.


Make sure the information regarding the video meetings reach the right people only and does not spread and reach the wrong people. Pranksters and hackers can create a problem with the video meetings otherwise.

Domain & Links

Make sure you’re opening the correct link and are using the official site or software. Also, check the source and only open links from trusted sources to avoid any mishappenings.

We don’t have any option to not use video conferencing due to the current situation but if we take proper precautions it can be a boon.