How To Run Google Maps On Windows Phone

How To Run Google Maps On Windows Phone

When moving from Android to Windows Phone one of the apps I missed was Google Maps. The default Windows Phone maps have improved vastly over a previous couple of years and Nokia’s HERE maps are excellent but the one thing I exploit Google Maps for on Android is looking at real-time traffic data especially once I am watching the simplest route home plus I often use Street View.

Google doesn’t make any apps for Windows Phone aside from a lacklustre search app so if you would like to use Google Maps for Windows Phone you’re getting to need to use the browser or a third-party app

Google default Maps for Windows Phone and say it or not, Google has accepted the very fact that it’ll indeed need to provide support to Google Maps App for Windows Phone. They will be used through Internet Explorer but still don’t offer you an equivalent level of functionality as they are doing on Android.

The Google Maps application is out there on Windows Phone Marketplace which isn’t the official application but performs in a particular manner as Google maps. It’s been developed by a 3rd party called Clarity

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Here are some tips to use Google map in window Phone

  • Install a Google Maps App
  • Swipe to the left on the house screen to reveal the Apps list to the proper.
  • Scroll right down to Marketplace and choose it
  • Select the hand glass at the rock bottom of the screen.
  • Search for Bingle Maps
  • If you type in Google Map on Window phone instead you’ll see a couple of different Google Maps applications, but in my searching and testing, the simplest one is far and away Bingle Maps
  • Select Bingle Maps then select Install.

Here are tips for starting with bingle Maps

  • Once installed and select the Bingle Maps from the Apps list to open it. You’ll also hold down thereon within the Apps List and choose Pin to start out for easier access.
  • You can use the icon to the left to center on your location.
  • The next icon over is that the Search icon, use it to look for a location, city, business, etc. on the map.
  • The third icon over from the left is that the Directions icon, use it to urge directions from either your current location or a selected location to the other location
  • The icon on the far right is the Layers icon. you’ll use this to look at previous searches you latterly did, see pins on the Google map for Microsoft phone, and itinerary for directions

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