How to Use Google Web Stories with WordPress

How to Use Google Web Stories with WordPress

You may/or might not have heard about a new plugin by Google, aptly named Web Stories for WordPress. I assumed I’d share my findings on this new WordPress plugin, offer you the heads abreast of what to expect.

What Are Web Stories?

Web Stories are a visible thanks to tell a story, designed specifically for mobile devices. Formerly referred to as AMP stories, and it’s this framework technology Web Stories is made upon, AMP.

What’s the aim of Web Stories?

Web Stories are how to showcase byte-sized content for mobile devices, typically they vary in size, counting on the subject at hand. consider them as visual storytelling.

What Are the advantages of Using Web Stories?

But why do you have to care about another sort of content once you have already got numerous ways you’ll attract audiences and communicate information? A story needs more visuals than your average article, and you recognize how hard and expensive it are often to seek out good photos for your content, right?

First of all, Google made finding good visuals tons easier because of partnerships it struck with Unsplash and Coverr. Everyone who downloads the online Stories plugin will have access to growing libraries of free photo and video material.

With that problem out of the way, we will specialise in the simplest reason to use Web Stories — they’re unlike the other sort of content. Here are a few of things that make them special:

They are a mobile-first sort of content. Stories are created to appeal to mobile viewers, and mobile viewers structure the bulk of organic program visits.

They come with support from Google. They’ll appear in search results, image results. They’re even getting added to Google Discover.

You can use them to monetize your content. you’ll add affiliate links to your stories, although Google recommends adding just one link per story.

They support a spread of content. You’ll be ready to use almost any quite content you’ve got available for Stories, including video and, eventually, animations

How to download web stories plugin in wordpress

Since the plugin isn’t added to the WordPress directory, you’ve got to download it separately. Here may be a step by step instruction to assist you with installing the google web stories for WordPress plugin.

If you would like to do this download Google web stories for WordPress plugin .

  • Go to the Plugin menu on WordPress and click on add new.
  • Search the plugin name
  • Install the plugin

Once the installation is complete, click the activate plugin button and you’re good to go!

Web Stories appear as magazine pages and function as a slider and also integrate well with the WordPress navigation structure and Divi layouts and modules.

Google’s Web Stories WordPress plugin looks and seems like graphics editing tools like Canva. It’s simple and straightforward to use. If you’re curious about a simple way to create simple content that appears great and improves your SEO

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