Important SEO Checklist For WordPress Sites

Important SEO Checklist For WordPress Sites

WordPress has evolved as one of the most effective CMS offering a great user experience. It owns almost 28% of total websites. And, it’s anticipated to realize the most astounding score within the web development industry.

So, you’re able to leverage the qualities and functionalities of your powerful WordPress website. For sure, you need to have added all the functions to that and made it worth using as a perfect business solution.

Let me ask you a question! What have you ever done to form your WordPress website SEO optimized? We know that at the time of website launch, nobody emphasizes that. But, this is often not the phase to overlook especially, when your business entirely depends on your website

Here are the SEO Checklist for the WordPress website

Install Yoast SEO

This is the free plugin that’s made for WordPress and a couple of the opposite Free CMS platforms. This is often one among the foremost powerful plugins that perform multiple functions and helps within the higher rankings for a website. This creates the sitemaps, optimize the metadata, and apply no-index attributes for the specific areas of the web site and tons of more other things.

Thus, making it easier for implementing the SEO techniques and provides you higher ranking results. Just in case if you’re using WordPress, then you’ll determine the SEO plugin for your platform easily from the plugins section of your website

Add your keywords to your page title

The most important thing you’ll do for keyword optimization is to create sure you get your keywords in your page or post title.

Add useful alt text to all images

Make sure that you just add useful alt text attributes to all of your images. Once more WordPress makes this easy with the Add Media tool. Simply put a description in the case of the sentence of the message conveyed by your image in the alternative text box of the Add Media modal window and make sure to include your target keywords where applicable.

Add Sitemap and robots txt file

A sitemap is basically a listing of all of your pages. You’ll auto-generate sitemap with Yoast. Then confirm to submit it in Search Console.

This way, Google search bot are going to be automatically notified and immediately crawl new pages on your site and confirm you’ve got a robots.txt file. This a really simple file with just few lines of code, created for search bots, where you specify indexing status of your site.

Use Google Analytics and Google Search Console

As any comprehensive SEO checklist will undoubtedly tell you, knowledge is power, and there’s no better thanks to acquire relevant information about your site’s performance, and potential, to use the Google Analytics and Google Search Console features available to any website owner.

Without these tools, you can’t hope to spice up your SEO game within the competitive marketplace.

Link to other pages with SEO-friendly anchor text

In addition to including links to relevant and authoritative sites in your content, Google looks at the language utilized in the hyperlink itself. By including internal links with text that’s relevant to the page that you simply are linking to, and including your keywords, you’re indicating what the content being linked is about.