Other Things To Know What Happens When You Reset Your iPhone

Other Things To Know What Happens When You Reset Your iPhone

An iPhone user could have asked what does resetting your iPhone do to your iPhone, resetting can really help you to erase your data stored in your iPhone such as the videos, photos, apps and files that are downloaded and it will clear every data including the settings that you changed as per your convenience and you can also reset your phone to make it work faster and the thing about what happens when you reset your iPhone, at the same time at some situation it can be really helpful for you and in this article you can find everything about what happens when you reset an iPhone.

Reason for Resetting the iPhone.

There are multiple reasons for one to reset their iPhone and now it has become more common for people to reset their iPhone when their phone starts to lag, we all know that iPhones won’t lag that easily but that doesn’t mean that they will never lag. There are some reasons for your iPhone to lag such as software malfunction or server connection issues which can force an iPhone user to format his phone to make it work better.

And there is another cause that makes us want to reset the iPhone, when we are going to sell our iPhone we would like to sell the phone alone not all our data, so this iPhone resetting is done in reselling process and likewise, the buyer will also wish to get a phone without old data.

If you are having trouble with your phone the last thing you are going to do is restoring in this process everything will get erased and you will need a PC or Mac to do this and resetting your iPhone does not require any special or external devices to reset your phone. As there is an option called factory reset which does the process automatically and you can find what happens when I reset my iPhone.

Steps to reset my iPhone

There are some steps that have to be followed while resetting your iPhone.

  • First, you have to access your iPhone settings and you have to find the general option.
  • After finding the general option open it and it will have a sub-option named reset, which will be located at the bottom of the settings menu.
  • Now you can erase all data and reset your phone by clicking the erase all data option.
  • If you are having the latest model of your iPhone then it will auto-update your data to google iCloud storage and it will notify you.
  • Some models require you to enter the password for the process to occur and some models will ask the user are you sure you want to erase all data for getting confirmation from the user to delete his files.
  • There is also a setting that allows you to only delete certain data like only music or apps etc. so reset doesn’t have to be the only option in case of small errors and this is the answer to what does resetting an iPhone do.


When you start the resetting process the phone will get switched off and you will see a plane scream and a percentage bar that runs along with the apple company logo and this process can be time-consuming from few minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes.

And when the reset is done the phone becomes fresh as new and its speed and performance will increase effectiveness and if you have saved the data in iCloud then you can restore the same from the cloud. Resetting an iPhone and knowing what happens if you reset your iPhone is a big process but you can make it easy by following the steps.