PUBG Mobile India To Be Launched On Christmas?

PUBG Mobile India To Be Launched On Christmas?

Will PubG Mobile India launch anytime during those 12 months or will the launch be postponed for the next 12 months? Millions of PubG subscribers in India are waiting for an answer to this question alone. The prominent Indian gamer by Twitter deal with @RealMaxtern said that PUBG Mobile India could make a serious announcement on December 25, that is, on Christmas day.

The player himself cited sources within PUBG Mobile India. It should be remembered that neither Google Play, MEITY nor PUBG Corporation have made any official statement regarding the launch status of PUBG Mobile India.

According to some Indian gaming sites, PUBG Mobile India will be different from the global version in some way. This will give the game a completely new identity in India and improve the gaming experience for users.

As PUBG fans continue to look forward to the launch of the PUBG Mobile India app, there are two major developments to know about the app’s hugely popular Battle Royale games. It turned out that the disbelievers are trying to take advantage of innocent users. In a shocking reveal, it was revealed that fake APKs of the game have appeared on the internet and a report has also suggested that PUBG Mobile India may make a major announcement about it around December 25th.

According to Zee News, after the announcement on November 12, many download links appeared on the Internet. But it should be noted that PUBG Mobile India has not been officially released yet which means that all these APKs present on the internet are fake.

Players should not download or install such files and should wait for the PUBG Mobile India APK files to be released via the official identifier of the popular gaming app.

PUBG Mobile India has not officially commented on the status of the game’s authorization in the country. An internal company source reportedly said that the central government has yet to respond to their repeated requests for a meeting, in which PUBG India intends to emphasize that it complies with all government regulations and is ready to cooperate with everything. What the government can offer.

PUBG was one of 118 Chinese mobile apps banned by the government in September this year. The government had stated that these applications “undermine the sovereignty and integrity of India, the defense of India, state security and public order.”

PUBG, which had previously been distributed in India by China’s Tencent Games, has asked the government for permission to relaunch in the country.

In a meeting called to discuss the proposal, the president of the National Commission for the Protection of Children’s Rights (CNPCR) Priyank Kanoongo strongly recommended not to relaunch the mobile app in India until there are appropriate laws for these online games, officials said. . Asked about it, Kanoongo said that an internal meeting was held to discuss the matter.