Remove The China Apps Cross Around 50 Lakhs Of Downloads As Amidst And Anti-China Sentiments

Remove The China Apps Cross Around 50 Lakhs Of Downloads As Amidst And Anti-China Sentiments

An Android program called Uninstall China Apps, which purports to identify and remove China-made apps from your Android phone, has become extremely popular in India. Over 50 lakh downloads have been made since its May 17 launch, putting it at the top of Google Play’s list of free apps in the country. It has made the result of remove china apps from which country for people.

As a result of the new coronavirus outbreak, India-China border dispute, and other factors, anti-China sentiment in the country is at an all-time high. A similar software, Mitron, has gained traction in recent days as an alternative to TikTok. It can lead one with making of the pubg return in India for the users.

What is the removed china apps?

According to its makers, users can “identify” the origin of specific apps loaded on their Android phones using the Remove China Apps software. Then, if you want to delete any of these apps, you can use Remove China Apps to do it.

According to the company, the app went live on Google Play on May 17 and has been downloaded by more than 50 lakh users since then. On the Google Play Store, 4.9 out of 5 stars have been given to the app. Due to this, people raise a question like is twitter banned in India forever.

 Beyond India, the app is growing in popularity in Australia, where it has reached the top five in the Tools category.

What is the motive behind removing china apps from which country?

It is available for free on Google Play Store. To detect Chinese apps on Android phones, users need only pick “scan” from the app’s menu. As a solution to this one can observe the pubg return in India with our country’s origin.

This tool appears only to detect apps loaded by users from the Google Play Store or other third-party app stores on their phones and not those that come pre-installed on Chinese smartphones.

Moreover, OneTouch AppLabs, which only has this app available on Google Play Store, developed the Remove China Apps. Jaipur is claimed to be the headquarters of OneTouch AppLabs, according to the company company’s website. According to domain ownership site Whois, the website was created on There are other mentions of hybrid app development on OneTouch AppLabs’ website.

Why is the removal of the China apps getting much popular?

It’s no coincidence that the Remove China Apps are being downloaded so frequently when anti-China sentiments are on the Numerous issues, including the YouTube-TikTok feud, the India-China border dispute, and the continuing COVID-19 outbreak in the country, has prompted this sentiment.

An interesting finding from a recent survey was that 67 percent of Indians blamed China for spreading the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Therefore, every person can make out reasons as is twitter banned in India for people.

Many Indians are now looking for alternatives to Chinese products and phone apps because of these problems. Unrelatedly, a Google Play Store app called Mitron has reached a milestone of over 50.


Every person can easily make out the structures of it in an enhanced manner. So even you should also restrict the use of the china apps for the people.