Technology Blogs That Will Keep You Updated On The Latest Things

Technology Blogs That Will Keep You Updated On The Latest Things

This recent era is all about technology and online learning.

Everyone is dependent on some of the other platforms to gain information. Do you know? All the information provided on the internet is by experts. Yes, you are hearing that correct there are many technical experts who provide us information on some of the other things. They are the ones who have a great influence on our learning and they are the only ones who let us know about the different things taking place all around. Are you interested in learning about technology? Do you love to gain information about the new technological advancements? If yes, then this is the right article for you, through this you are going to learn about some of the tech blogs India.

Tech blogs mentioned in this article will not only help you in gaining information but will let you have inspiration for starting your own blogging platform. Have a look to know.

NextBigWhat: NextBigWhat is a blog that is being run by Ashish Sinha. He graduated from I.I.T Roorkee and I.I.M Bangalore but is an entrepreneur now and is handling top tech blogs in India very effectively and enthusiastically. Ashish has chosen this path as his career and works smartly with the team just to provide good information to the people. Through his blogs, he helps people to learn different things about business, tech, and many more. Subscribe to his blog, if interested.

Phone Radar: Amit Bhawani is the owner of this blog. He is having many other blogs also like android devices and many more. Starting his web journey in 2004, he made his own blog in 2005. Amit Bhawani is having the best tech blogs in India and tries on different ways just to know more about blogging. He is having a successful site ever and provides knowledge to people bout gadgets, technological items and etc. If you are keen to know about such things then subscribe to these blogs.

Infotechnowiki: This is another blog through which people can gain information. Infotechnowiki is a blog for beginners, yes all the people who are new to learn about the technology field then this is the perfect blog for them. The articles are very much simple but of good knowledge. So, if you are interested to learn about tech or thinking to start your own blog then you should definitely read this.

HellBoundBloggers: HellBoundBloggers is run by Pradeep Kumar an engineering graduate and a professional blogger who started his journey from the school days only. During school days he used to write his blogs on some free common platforms. But in 2009, he began his own blogging site. Through his blogs, he lets people learn about gaming, food, books, photography, and traveling. To know more you can subscribe to his technology blogs India.

9Lessons: Srinivas Tamada is a professionally UI architect and a part-time blogger, popular for his detailed and informative lessons related to web technologies. He started his journey with the not-so-loved programming language PHP, but now he has proved everyone wrong by his success and continuous growth. If you want to read about technology in deep, then try reading his blogs.

To conclude, subscribe to these 5 top blogs if you are more interested in blogging and technology. Get connected to have more updates.

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