The Details of the Process of Code Obfuscation

The Details of the Process of Code Obfuscation

One of the most unfortunate aspects of functioning as a developer is spending the entire day in debugging the code. However, it is best to learn that it is part of the job. And at the end of the day, the effort of debugging, building and deploying the application is the last things that you would want to happen, and it is for someone else in recapturing and using all the efforts. There is the standard coding method called Code Obfuscation that can help in the better protection of the job. As part of the article, the primary form of coding needs to be right.

Deliberate Action of Coding

Obfuscation of the code is the deliberate action in obscuring the source code making it extremely difficult for the better understanding of the humans and making things useless in case of the hackers with the kind of ulterior motives. The same is useful in deterring the reverse engineering of the necessary software. In the real sense, obfuscation will completely change the source code, and none the fewer things remain functionally similar to the accurate coding. Obfuscation is not identical to encryption. The reason for the encryption is to transform the data to hide it from the rest.

More on Obfuscation

The encrypted code is made apt before the process of execution. However, Code Obfuscation will not require for the coding to undergo the method of de-obfuscation for the proper performance of the same. The process includes several different techniques, each of which will build on top of the other. It will help in rendering the code without the use of intelligence. Here you have the list of obfuscation methods which are in regular use. There is the option of rename obfuscation, and it helps in the necessary modification of the way and the variable names.

Regarding Obfuscation and Encryption

The option of Rename Obfuscation will make it difficult for the human to understand the difficulty in coding. However, it helps in maintaining the program execution method. The perfect way is usually useful in case of the Java, Android, and the specific IOS obfuscators. There is also the method of string encryption, and it is a simple technique to help in altering the variable and the list of process names. The string encryption intends to encrypt most of the strings that one can read preserving clarity. It is essential to take note of that with all the techniques and the decrypting of the lines mainly at the run time.

Dummy Code Insertion

There is also the method of dummy code insertion, and it deals with the insertion of the code as part of the executable. The technique makes it extremely difficult in matters of reverse engineer code for perfect analysis. In this case, the insertion will not affect the logic in the proper execution of the program. The process of Code Obfuscation helps in the appropriate development of the Android app, and one should aim to make it simple to save it from the attackers in the successful reviewing of the code and analyzing the application.

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