The Most Useful Clip Tray Tricks And Tips To Make Your Work Easier

The Most Useful Clip Tray Tricks And Tips To Make Your Work Easier


Copy and paste functionality in android get much better. It gives one operation for most of the system. Cutting and copying of single items and pasting it one comes as a great feature. But once you copy or cut something else, my clip tray makes an overwrite.

All these get sufficient for some people. But many of them don’t. So here side you can know about android clip tray tips and tricks.     

How to copy and paste on an android device?

Its gets much simple for copying and pasting the android device. But not for all, especially one who has not made much use of the device. Here you can understand the steps for it.

  • Firstly you need to select a text.
  • In most apps attached with Google-like chrome, you need to long-press the text you want to copy.
  • After this, you need to adjust the section or part of highlighted words. It would help if you covered down all you want to copy.
  • Later, you can touch on select all options if you want to copy the entire text.
  • Choose the copy option for selected clipboards on the phone.
  • Suppose you sit to work in editable files, and then you will only visualize the option of cut.
  • Mind well, after pressing cut, and the text gets removed from the copy option also.

Important android my clip tray tips

  • Keep in mind that anything you copy would disappear if you restart or switch off the device before pasting it. Therefore its the best option to select the paste button. You can get it quickly comes even if you forget on the android clip tray.
  • Suppose you have copied one item. After this, you have tried to copy down the second text before pasting the first one. In this case, you will only see the paste for the second. Ig g4 clip tray can able to hold only a set of text at a time.

How can you copy and paste anywhere with the help of the Ig g4 clip tray?

Remember that you can only cut down the ext if it comes in the entry field. This is because there’s much of the text which doesn’t get editable like web articles. Therefore you will not be able to find where is my clip tray option.

But a typing message can easily cut and copy text. After this, one can paste this wherever needed.

Suppose you read the article and find a link there to another article. You want to copy that particular link. In this case, you need to make a long press on the URL bar. It will give the option to copy the URL. Therefore you don’t worry about where is my clip tray. But you can even follow up faster method. For this, you need to make a long press on the original link. It will help you select the option for a copy link address.

One can easily prefer to copy more than text links on your android device. You can even copy down the photos.


Clip tray options in android have made the work much easier for people to carry functions like copy and paste. Hence, all should know these simple but effective tricks with a clip tray.