The Top Best DJ Headphones 2017

The Top Best DJ Headphones 2017

We select the best DJ headphones 2017, that give profound bass proliferation and fresh highs for DJ blending that truly draws out the beats in the music. These headphones are intended for proficient DJs to unmistakably perceive the bass, midrange, and highs on their soundtracks likewise give great clamor detachment and solace to permit DJs to hear the music obviously in boisterous and noisy conditions.

They are uniquely worked with sturdy materials with turning ear jars so you can wander aimlessly the headphones over the head and around the neck without agonizing over breaking them a portion of these headphones additionally, highlight single-sided tuning in for you to intently screen the sound. These DJ headphones are among the most incredible in the business and are currently selling at awesome costs at the hour of composing. Make certain to look at our top picks for the best DJ headphones underneath!

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These headphones are intended to convey incredible sound quality with somewhat broadened bass, more clear highs, and particular tones. They are outfitted with 95-ohm drivers for ideal sound quality and will require a committed speaker to drive them.

The HD 8s include a curved circumaural over-ear shut back plan that conveys the greatest solace while detaching surrounding foundation commotion in boisterous conditions. The earphone contains various basic parts that are machined from metal for solidness to give the best strong listening experience.

The Sennheiser HD 8s have phenomenal sound multiplication with expanded highs and profound low-end bass reactions. They have the sound quality you really want in case you are in solid designing or for proficient DJ observing.


The Sony DJ headphones are probably the best DJ headphones with mind-boggling sound devotion and profound low-end bass for proficient DJ observing. The devotion range on these headphones is incredible and is extraordinary for jazz, traditional and exciting music.

They likewise pair and play very well directly from your PC, PC or iPhone we would prescribe utilizing a committed earphone enhancer to help the bass exhibition for the Sony DJs.

The sound nature of the Sony DJ headphones is especially clear and definite, with a pleasant low-end generation and fair midrange.

The bass is tight and punchy however doesn’t sound overpowering or sloppy it hits hard at the perfect balance and is on the money. The highs are fresh and warm, with a marginally hotter sound mark than anticipated.


The Sennheiser HD 25s are no doubt one of the most incredible DJ headphones you can find at an awesome value point that is lightweight, agreeable, and produce sublime sound quality. They are execution DJ headphones that can deal with exceptionally high solid strain and produce incredible sound even in noisy conditions.

These headphones are planned with high affectability drivers because of the lightweight aluminum voice loops and are fit for taking care of exceptionally high strong tension levels for proficient observing.


These headphones are intended for proficient DJs and produce top-quality bass and straightforward highs for sound blending. The acoustic drivers have a super high powerful reach and are outfitted with a high-effectiveness cobalt case for smooth music proliferation. The earphone accompanies pivoting and reversible round-molded ear cups which support uneven tuning in and has an uneven OFC link that opposes tangling and gives astounding strength. The sound nature of the HPX2000s is very acceptable and opponent that of better quality DJ headphones. The earphone delivers extremely fresh and clear highs, great midrange, and effective low-end bass.


These headphones are intended for proficient DJs that need a fantastic harmony between solid quality and toughness. The headphones are furnished with 50mm drivers with 100 dB affectability to give fresh highs and profound bass reactions for you to hear the beats in the music. The ear cups are furnished with thick and open-to cushioning that feels truly good to wear for broadened timeframes while keeping clamor outside. The sound nature of the Monoprice 108323s is brilliant. They have a good time sounding signature and sound amazing particularly in the event that you like electronic dance music and bass-substantial types. The bass on these headphones hit hard and sound punchy however, don’t sloppy into the midrange; it stays where it ought to be as bass.