Top 3 Ways To Use Google News To Promote Your Business

Top 3 Ways To Use Google News To Promote Your Business

Many people are not familiar with Google News or Google News USA, and the impact it can make on any business. When you learn how to use Google headline news to advertise, you bring in thousands of clicks to your site from this powerful hack.

We put together this guide to share how you can use Google News yourself to promote your business. Keep reading to learn how to ramp up your content strategies.

  1. Write Keyword-Rich Headlines

The key is to create headlines that communicate the topics of the story you are telling. These should be straightforward and to the point, using familiar and concise words.

When you are writing your headline try your best to not repeat words and to use active voice instead of a passive voice. As a rule of thumb using active voice means you are starting with the subject. Using active voice will allow you to say more with fewer words and will help you take out unnecessary words that distract the reader.

You might even want to consider running some Google Ads to help promote your article. Check out this post that breaks down some more information on Google ads.

  1. Write 2 News Articles Each Day

Another tip is to write a minimum of 2 news articles every day. If you are the only writer on your team, it might be time to start looking and vetting other writers to help you out. Sites like BBC, New York Times, Bloomberg, etc do not rely on just one writer, they have an entire team of writers that are accurate in their reporting.

The key is to have writers that are ready to find fresh and new stories that they can write about, edit, and upload in just a few hours.

  1. Do Not Copy Other Sites

It is a big No-No to copy news articles from other sites. It is best when you write original news articles because Google is more likely to pick those up. Google is not a fan of syndicating pieces of content that are already out in the Google algorithm.

You want to make your story original but back it up with credible sources. Double-check that all of your sources are trustworthy to ensure that you are not putting out information that will give your business a bad rep. If you ever report a story that is false, this can be a disaster because Google is a credible company that millions of people trust and use all around the world.

Ready to Use Google News to Promote Your Business?

We hope that our top tips on using Google News to get your business name out there will help you out in the near future. You can start applying everything you learned above right away.

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