Top Online Games To Entertain You At Home

Top Online Games To Entertain You At Home

The online gaming industry has shown a positive increase during the past years, thanks to the surge of new players. New players are convinced to play games because of their accessibility on mobile platforms.

Today, players are not driven by fun alone. They started to look for ways to monetize playing. Blockchain games became available by making their players earn cryptocurrencies. Play-to-earn crypto games are now in trend as much as cryptocurrencies are. Online gaming, such as Eth casino and Axie Infinity, has integrated using cryptocurrencies as payments and winnings.

If you haven’t tried crypto games yet, here are some games to keep you entertained even at home.

Cryptocurrency Casinos

Crypto casinos are entertainment platforms that allow you to play traditional casino games online. Traditional casino games such as poker, roulette, dice games, and slots are the most common games you can play on crypto casinos.

These are very similar to other traditional online casinos. Players need to set up an account and deposit funds they will use for playing. Crypto casino is a popular choice for crypto owners because of their advantages and promotions.


Tamadoge is one of the newest play-to-earn games in the online gaming industry. Players must mint their NFT doge and nurture it as it grows from a puppy to a full-grown doge. Depending on how they are cared for, their stats change, which is essential as they enter the battle scene when they become adults.

Winners of Tamadoge battles earn rewards in the form of Tama coins. These coins can be used to mint more doges or buy accessories to improve their strength.


Players of CryptoKitties can breed and trade these adorable crypto-collectible cats. Depending on their rarity, you can sell them for a huge amount of Ether. Like NFTs, a CryptoKitty is one-of-a-kind and cannot be replicated by anyone.

Though it is a simple game, breeding these kittens to make them rare can also cost you a large amount of crypto.

Axie Infinity

This crypto game gained popularity when its Smooth Love Potion hit a high value. This game is similar to Pokemon games, where players battle or play as a team during tournaments. This game is popularized by NFTs called Axies, which players can buy, sell, and breed.

Rare Axies can be sold for thousands of dollars. Recently, Axie’s other in-game token, AXS, can be converted to Etherium or real currencies.

Blankos Block Party

In this game, players can create and customize their digital vinyl toys. Players can build and explore worlds where unique Blankos can be collected.

Blankos Block Party is a free-to-play game that focuses on designing. The Blankos that you will be collecting are considered NFTs. These are digital assets that you can sell or trade through Mythical Marketplace. This is an online market where other players browse NFTs.

Some investors buy limited edition Blankos for high amounts of cryptocurrencies. Each Blankos are unique and cannot be replicated even by its creator.