Video And Voice Calling Buttons In Whatsapp Web To Be Rolled Out Soon

Video And Voice Calling Buttons In Whatsapp Web To Be Rolled Out Soon

From the recent updates, it has been found that Whatsapp is recently working on a new project. This project to roll out with the video and voice calling buttons on the Whatsapp web. Isn’t this feature interesting? As per the reports, this is one of the long-rumored projects of Whatsapp company that they are going to add video and voice calling buttons to the web application as well. But now the rumours are going to turn true because this feature will slowly and slowly roll out for the people to use.

Users took to Twitter for posting the screenshots of this new feature by Whatsapp. A person from Argentina that is Guillermo Tomoyose has recently come on to Twitter and posted a screenshot over there of Whatsapp web. He stated that the new feature of video and voice calls are now available on the web as well.  Guillermo says that this is the beta version but is now available in Argentina for people to use. The screenshot posted by him clearly shows that this is a beta version because it is written there on the screenshot. Apart from this, we can also spot that both the voice and video calling buttons are there available for people.

Wabetainfo says that the claims of Tomoyose are not false and has reported that the beta voice and video calls have been spotted by some of the users. Furthermore, it is soon going to roll out for the entire population. Wabetainfo says, there is no need to worry at all as it is a beta version it will be available for few users only. So, don’t you worry if you are not getting the update? We hope that you must be lucky enough to get this feature as using it will be total fun. However, if you are not getting the feature then don’t think much because every day more and more users are going to get activation for it, wait for your turn to enjoy this feature.

Probing further, Wabetainfo earlier shared details about how this feature is going to look like. They posted a screenshot in which it was clearly spotted that whenever a person will receive a call or will make a call a new Window is going to open. And after that, you will easily be able to enjoy things. In 2020, Whatsapp reported that they are working on this video and voice calling feature, but due to pandemic nothing happened in 2020.

But in 2021, everything is ready to set up. People are soon going to enjoy the video and voice calling options on Whatsapp web as well. However, to have regular updates on this news get to connect with us on Tech Talk City.