What Is The TTY Mode On The Phone? Who Can Use It?

What Is The TTY Mode On The Phone? Who Can Use It?


TTY recognize as a teletypewriter on your phone. Its a device that can help people who have some physical abilities. It includes deaf, speech impaired or person with hard of hearing issues. What is TTY mode on a phone? All such people make use of this technique to make communicate with a phone.

However, TTY devices get initially for the use of cell phones. Also, one can know how its used. It can also offer other options for people. Mainly its a boon for people suffering from hearing or speech impairments. It can surely help them to make communicate.

Can one find TTY mode Samsung galaxy s5? Guys, let us take a deep knowledge about the TTY mode in this blog.

What is TTY mode on the phone? 

In general, TTY gets as the device which proves useful for people to make communicate. Especially it is designed for persons having speech and hearing impairments. A user can prefer to type a message on the TTY machine. It gets useful for someone who comes through a phone line or mobile signals.

TTY machines prove great for people with hearing impairments. The machine turns down voice messages into the text message. Hence, a person can easily read it.

Moreover, the TTY device sounds much like a text message converter. But its actual function will surely amaze you. TTY machines allow one to make communication as part of the conversation with people. Moreover, it allows one to make two-way communications with some TTY in phone settings.

During a TTY conversation, the message sent comes as immediate with the other party. It will appear on another TTY receiver screen without making any interruption. Thus, TTY devices can easily make connections with landlines, cell phones, and more. It can allow one to make portable communication also.

To date, many cell phones contain the TTY mode. So only you might have come up with the question, “what is TTY on cell phone?” Right! Well, TTY mode helps the person to make connections similar as the TTY device.

Depending upon the phone, it would surely consist of the TTU software. Hence, it can allow one to make the connection of your phone with any external TTY device.

Most phones contain three different types of TTY modes.

  1. TTY full
  2. TTY VCO
  3. TTY HCO

TTY full mode allows the sender and receiver to make communication in the form of TTY messages. TTY VCO gets specially designed for people with hearing impairment. It allows the user to send the message invoice format. But the person receives the message in the form of text format. Hence, one would not get any issue with the TTY text display method. On the other hand, TTY HCO is designed for people who can hear the voice message and cannot send back a text message.

Therefore this method can prevail the people with special abilities to make communication. Its a technology that makes one feel proud and make communicate without depending upon others.


Guys! It would help if you took motivation from such people who ignore their disabilities and live normal life. If you have someone around with such disabilities, then you can gift them devices with TTY mode.

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