Why Writing Code for SharePoint Development is a Mistake

Why Writing Code for SharePoint Development is a Mistake

SharePoint allows teamwork with dynamic and productive team sites for the project teams to collaborate, departments and divisions to sync together. It enables you to collaborate effortlessly and securely with team members inside and outside your organization. Businesses users can share files, data, news, and resources across the organization. No wonder, more than 200,000 people use SharePoint for content management, team sites, and intranet. Needless to say, it offers huge scope for SharePoint Consulting.

Generally speaking, SharePoint out of the box functionalities can facilitate the basic collaboration and communication needs of organizations. However, owing to their specific business needs, many organizations may opt for going outside the core functionalities of SharePoint server and that’s where you might want to consider having a SharePoint Consulting partner.

All these customizations can be executed with SharePoint coding. But then, we all know that coding is also one of the hard aspects for SharePoint users due to the accompanying complications, numerous risks, added costs& efforts, and other limitations. Not only this, coding leads to a lot of other convolutions like variable outcomes and unwanted delays in projects. An expert SharePoint Consulting firm can advise you about other alternatives also.

Though, SharePoint customization is not as bad an idea, as it makes the SharePoint server more advantageous and appropriate to your business needs. However, the problem here is that adopting coding as a medium to achieve those customizations may not be a very good approach because of numerous factors as shared above and many others. Let’s get into the details

  • Custom coding is tiresome and cost-intensive

Writing a new code for SharePoint customizations is definitely no easy job. It takes a lot of effort, time, and investment in completing the entire coding process before taking it to production. Further, the process does not end here as in the future also custom code requires support and maintenance at regular intervals. Not to mention this also entails cost and time.

  • Custom coding requires a lot of testing effort

It is a common knowledge that any code written requires a lot of testing at different levels, including user testing before making it live for end users. All of this involves noteworthy time and effort. Ignoring this process may affect the usability and accessibility of the SharePoint farm if the underlying code has not been tested correctly. Therefore, before making any customization live in the production it is important to ensure it is tested, re-tested and proper UAT is done before giving it to business users.

  • Every code has a limited shelf life

Every code, over a period of time, requires re-work/re-coding. It is quite possible that any code you have written might be limited to only the current version of SharePoint. It means that it might not be useful if you decide to upgrade/migrate to a new version of SharePoint.

This implies that to be able to use the coded functionality, you will have to update your code (it may require complete re-coding). In some instances, the coded functionality may even become absolutely redundant and it will need you to recode the entire functionality again. It is pretty understandable that this is an added cost beyond the cost already incurred when coded for the first time.

  • SharePoint customizations are susceptible to errors and delay

SharePoint coding requires experienced developers to create tailor-made functionality. If not done correctly, it has a high chance of error. Additionally, it involves significant cost & time to bring it back to normal in case of any mistake. There are instances where SharePoint customization errors have resulted in a big loss in terms of huge downtime, corrupted files, permanently deleted documents, security issues, etc.

There is a solution to all of this madness. Especially, in recent times with the global spread of COVID-19 pandemic, when many organizations are facing resource, budget, and other constraints, many business users and citizen developers are using alternative tools to build apps and make customizations that are helping them boost productivity, automate workflows, and help their teams work efficiently.

To enable this technological shift, AgreeYa offers SharePoint consulting services with its unique and award-winning No-Code SharePoint customization solution- QuickApps/QuickApps for Office 365.

QuickApps comes with a set of pre-built templates and powerful web apps which help businesses customize SharePoint applications without any custom coding. SharePoint users can build apps up to 80 percent faster leveraging QuickApps. You can access it from anywhere across the globe.

Further, with QuickApps, users can build complex business applications with SharePoint/O365 that are easily supported, maintained, and upgraded while ensuring a long-term impact and a high return on investment.

Ask for a free trial today to experience how QuickApps can completely transform your experience with SharePoint for Office 365.

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