WordPress vs HTML – Everything That You Need to Know

WordPress vs HTML – Everything That You Need to Know

Do you want to launch a business website but not sure the way to get started? Recently, while attending an occasion, one of the users asked us what is the advantage of using WordPress over a static HTML site.

If you had a developer tell you that you simply need a HTML site or was wondering because you had heard this elsewhere, then you’re within the right place. during this article, we’ll compare WordPress vs HTML and what’s best for your business website.

What is HTML?

HTML may be a language that enables for static page creation on the web. Websites use HTML and other such markup languages to host web page. Coding skills must be need to use HTML for website creation. aside from HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other languages also are used for an equivalent.

HTML allows you to customize everything on your website and is, therefore, more flexible than WordPress when integrating certain additional features. Another plus is that HTML can run on a less expensive server with fewer resources because it doesn’t require PHP or MYSQL like WordPress does.

What is WordPress?

WordPress could be a content management system (CMS). A content management system may be a software that permits a user to make, edit, organize and publish content. WordPress is one such system. It allows its users to make their content the way they like and publish it on their website.

What are the Pros of WordPress?

Code-Free Content Management

Sites like WordPress have revolutionised website building because they’ve almost entirely eliminated code from day-to-day use and management and the platform is specifically designed to be user-friendly, even for beginners. rather than coding, most actions are often performed through the interface, including creating and updating pages and managing SEO.

Easily Customised

Another plus is that WordPress is extremely customisable. you’ll easily change your website’s theme, which alters its whole look, and your site can gain increased power and functionality with various plugins. Many of those are free, but there are online stores that advanced ones at a competitive price.

What Are the Cons of WordPress?

  • Because WordPress uses PHP and a database, it’s going to load slower than an HTML site.
  • You are required to take care of your WordPress site, which suggests updating the core software, themes and plugins. However, you’ll choose a hosting service that does this for you.

What is Better? WordPress or HTML?

If you’re certain that you simply will never want to update, change, or add anything new your website, then by all means choose a HTML website. it’ll be faster and can serve your purpose.

If you would like to possess the liberty and control of your website and not waste money on monthly retainers paying developers to feature images, then WordPress is clearly the higher choice.


HTML vs WordPress are two popular ways to create websites with their exclusive characteristics. regardless of which one you’re getting to choose, you need a reliable, rich-featured, and high-speed hosting to make sure your websites accessible for people .

If you’ve got been keeping the tally, then you recognize WordPress came out on top. With its flexibility for design and simple update plus its SEO capabilities and every one of the plugins available, WordPress comes out on top.